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In the last two months, the amount of work was insurmountable. There were heaps of things to do. And re-do! But yet, I wanted to spend time with people who mattered most to me. Re-connecting is important. It is something we need to make time for.

In re-connecting with friends and family, we catch up on what has happened to us. When I am back home with my family, we really bond and do many things together.  Even sitting down to watch TV in the living room was pleasurable, each having his/her own comments and thoughts. We laughed together.

Last Sunday, a few family members and I went out for dinner. It was not the usual dinner, but a fun one with some entertainment thrown in at a Spanish eatery. Though we have met several times to dine and chat under different circumstances, that evening was really fun. We do not meet often, but the re-connection was easy, we could take up from where we left off. There was much to catch up and again we laughed.

These re-connections are what memories are made of. Each time we gather, we laugh which makes the time we spend with each other so happy, so precious and so endearing. It makes us want to meet up again and again. Life is cluttered with many activities and much work. To re-connect with people we treasure, we need to make time for them. Every month, I shall take time out of my busy schedule to spend time, not just “quality” time, but “quantity” time with love ones.


An Unusual Experience – A House Guest

The House Guest

Snuggled Up on a Winter Day

Since moving down under, we had many more guests staying over than we ever did over the past 10 years add together. It is nice to spend time together with the guests and get to know them even better. A week ago when I arrived home from an overseas assignment, I was greeted by another house guest. This time, it was a dog. My family is dog-sitting for 3 weeks while my relatives are away on holiday. Of course, my children are delighted. I had mixed feelings.

A week has gone by since and we got along well, … the doggie and myself, I mean.  Except for the occasional loud barking, its manners are acceptable. Even though I am swamped with work every day, it sits quietly by itself and does not disturb me. In the chilly winter days, when the sun shines through the glass windows in the living room, there you’ll find it basking on its lofty bed. Stretched out to have a lazy nap.

The main responsibility of looking after the dog lies in the hands of my daughter. She is on a learning curve and has taken on the role as a guardian rather well. We never had a dog and this is the first time the family lived with one full-time. There are times, we need to put the doggie’s needs before ours. This was explained clearly to the children.  For this house guest, its daily meals, walks, toilet times, play and grooming, are done to the clock work. As adults, sometimes we forget when we are so engrossed in our work, we let others wait and at our convenience, attend to them later. Tsk, tsk.

It’ll be another week before the owners are back and my children and spouse are already dreading to let him go. They have bonded with a doggie who loved without strings attached and showed it. Guess I will have to admit that I shall miss his silent company while I am typing away at my lap top. Then again, we do get visiting rights over the weekend.

My family has at first subtly hinted that it would be nice to have a dog around. Now they have become blatant with their opinions and give all sorts of suggestions. It would be quite a responsibility to do so and needs careful consideration. Well think we’ll not go there for now as I’ll just say: Let sleeping dogs lie. Woof!


Reliving the Memories

About a week ago, my extended family had a great big reunion in a rented holiday house at a resort site. It had been ages since we did one of these things. My siblings and cousins recounted those days when we were kids and went to a holiday house, which we called “bungalow” near the sea. It was sheer fun and carefree days of swimming, eating and playing games, including indoor board games or cards. We combed the beach, seeked out sea shells and teased the salt water out of our ears! We were allowed to laze and just be ourselves. By evening, we would have a great curry dinner followed by sing-a-longs, way before those karaoke machines came on the scene. Simplicity in entertainment but nevertheless, still making  joyful noise.

This time a few cousins got together and planned for the next generation to enjoy the same family experience. Mind you, now we have 3 generations under on roof, it was sheer hard work putting everything together, not to mention the timing to suit both big and small, young and old. There was the varied menu of food for different days and evenings, the activities for the children, the sleeping arrangements and all the logistics to take care of. Of course it was made easier with people accessing their emails for smooth communication, something we did not have eons ago.

The highlight of the event was the barbecue. The guys did most of the barbecuing standing next to the hot pits and fanning away. A whiff of the barbecued chicken wings and tender beef would make one’s mouth water. The salad, sweet potatoes, garlic bread and other yummy foodstuff did all they could to whet our appetites. We even had traditional  dessert, all made with love. We really tucked in. There was a birthday celebration for 5 people who reached their 5th decade this year. The enormous cake had their visuals cleverly digitalized on marzipan. Years ago, we would have made do with the home-made butter cake topped with rich, creamy icing!

The teens put up an item or two and improvized lyrics to popular songs. When they forgot the words, they only need to whip out the iPad and viola all is well again. What a far cry from the time we cousins had to sing from painstakingly copied song sheets, with dog ears and smudged ink! The singing went on with gusto.

It was a fabulous family reunion though not quite the same as what it used to be, the spirit of a happy family remained. Would we do it again? Yes, despite the hard work and coordination, we would, I guess. It’s reliving those memories that keep us going.

Cheers/Della Ng


Celebrating Children’s Day

Tomorrow is Children’s Day. My son is with me on this trip back to Singapore. Yet I have work commitments and am unable to spend time with him on Children’s Day. So we decided to do it a day earlier. My children have always celebrated Mother’s Day for me, so naturally I would also plan something nice for them on Children’s Day. Some years back, we would spend a day outdoors, another time we had a surprise pizza lunch and so on. These are wonderful memories for both the children and myself.

This year we wanted something simple and settled for a light lunch in the heart of Orchard Road. We eat leisurely and chatted just about anything under the sun. We went shopping browsing at merchandise and it was fun, being together. We took pictures together and laughed quite a bit.

When I had to drop him off to go for an assignment, he gave me a big smile and looked really happy. I said, “Happy Children’s Day, son!” and he waved as he walked away. Time well spent and nothing will replace these special moments. My, how fast the children have grown. I am already of thinking of creating another special time together this weekend. It’s great to be with loved ones. So you planning anything soon?


A Beautiful Rainbow

It was a nice Saturday morning, one of those lazy mornings when you have not decided what you want to do. Though the sun was up, it was kind of cloudy and did not seem like a good day to be outdoors. And yet, I was dying to take the kids out.

After a late lunch, we decided to go out any way. Thought it would be lovely to drive to another suburb and via the highway, we would get there in 20 minutes. The kids have not been there and it would be nice for them to get out of the house.

As we drove, my daughter pointed out a rainbow in the sky. It was a huge one. And beautiful one, too. I have never seen such big rainbow across the sky. The colours were vibrant and as we drove nearer, my son said he could almost see all seven colours. Wow.

Just as I was thinking if I could stop the car to admire the rainbow, the rain came down. In a flash, the rainbow faded and disappeared. Black clouds loomed.

In life, do we seize the moment? Sometimes beautiful moments come in a flash. If we embrace that moment and have it etched in our memory, it stays with us forever. I know for sure, my family and I will always remember this Saturday afternoon and the beautiful rainbow.


Della Ng