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A Beautiful Rainbow

It was a nice Saturday morning, one of those lazy mornings when you have not decided what you want to do. Though the sun was up, it was kind of cloudy and did not seem like a good day to be outdoors. And yet, I was dying to take the kids out.

After a late lunch, we decided to go out any way. Thought it would be lovely to drive to another suburb and via the highway, we would get there in 20 minutes. The kids have not been there and it would be nice for them to get out of the house.

As we drove, my daughter pointed out a rainbow in the sky. It was a huge one. And beautiful one, too. I have never seen such big rainbow across the sky. The colours were vibrant and as we drove nearer, my son said he could almost see all seven colours. Wow.

Just as I was thinking if I could stop the car to admire the rainbow, the rain came down. In a flash, the rainbow faded and disappeared. Black clouds loomed.

In life, do we seize the moment? Sometimes beautiful moments come in a flash. If we embrace that moment and have it etched in our memory, it stays with us forever. I know for sure, my family and I will always remember this Saturday afternoon and the beautiful rainbow.


Della Ng