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Happy New You!

So 2013 has begun. Each new year brings hope and new opportunities.

In this new year, what’s new for you? What do you intend to do that is different from the years before? The changes could be in the areas of work, finance, lifestyle, relationship, time management, wardrobe, spiritual matters, living quarters, sports, eating habits … the list goes on.

Will you be stepping out of your comfort zone? What do your envision the new you to look like, sound like or feel like? How do you know when the new you is taking shape?

Think about what you will do make that difference in your life. Let the positive changes take place in you. May 2013 be different.

Happy New Year! Happy New You!


Silver Lining

Behind every cloud is a silver lining. True? Just when things look bad or do not go the way we expected, what happens? Disappointment. A feeling of being let down, asking ourselves, “How can this happen? How could it be?” Sigh.

Just last month, in my final work trip, I was unprepared to face planned work that was not to materialize though they were originally agreed upon months ago. The news came two weeks before my flight and it was unpleasant, to say the least. There were other things I could have worked on if there was sufficient time to re-route when the plans went askew.

Well, one can sit back, rant and rave on the unfairness of things, unethical practices of businesses, unprofessionalism and so on, but what good would that do? People around me were highly sympathetic, shook their heads in disbelief. They kindly offered solutions and were very encouraging. Thus Plan B had to be quickly put in place. It was time to take stock and move on, making way for new developments.

The days were mapped out with other assignments, back-to-back appointments catching up with friends, family and business associates with social and business agendas. I attended a workshop, bonded with people, ate at two newly opened restaurants owned by friends and checked out places off the beaten tracks. It was more fulfilling than I expected with better results than anticipated. Things were looking up and disappointment quickly evapourated and was replaced with excitement, new avenues opening up. I stuck with people who were positive and after each appointment, I went away feeling gratified with the connectivity and the confidence to forge ahead.

Thus there was a silving lining behind the cloud and I was glad I managed to look beyond the dark clouds. The next time should I chance upon such a situation, I shall look for the silver lining, knowing that things will turn out even better.


Pace, pace, pace

It has been a while since I last wrote in this blog. The year started with a big bang with assignments lined up. This is indeed great news for a business owner with free-lance work pouring in and training schedules back-to-back together with projects and module development work. It has been work, work, work from the word Go.

Yet, work should not consume all of one’s life. It is a fine art to balance both work and life, getting the most of each. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work and it is so enjoyable … learning new things, meeting new participants, making new friends, researching, writing, reading, being creative ….. I simply bask in it.

Having said that I also needed to pull myself away from the passion of work and spend time with loved ones, reading for pleasure, watching a movie or two, gardening, spending time outdoors, cooking, doing some craft work and of course the mundane housekeeping.

To strike a balance, firstly one must desire for the balance and set a plan to achieve it. Pace oneself. There is a time for everything under heaven … so what time is best to get the work done and what time is set aside to recoup?

With more travelling than I expected this year, I am still pleased with the balance achieved thus far. Much work has been accomplished with looming deadlines. Work stretched on and working to wee hours to get them all done. Then catching up on the other things and eating right, getting the sufficient rest, not necessarily in just sleep but also in unwinding. Marking out the social  calendar for special days to be with  family, friends and business associates. Planning and enjoying new experiences.

Working on blocks of time to slot in the activities. Each item has to be planned. Pacing work became a new game … achieving more in less time, pace the work as per deadlines. It is not just multi-tasking but even switching tasks and projects to get a breath of fresh air. This has worked well for me. I am glad I am able to tick off the things I wanted to do.

I advocate pace, pace, pace and also letting go of things are no longer important. There are things that can be postponed or delegated or for the better, no need of, purge them off the system. Being organised makes things easier and the pacing can take on a routine that moves like clockwork.

Though not perfect, the balance is achieved to what I find acceptable and that keeps me happy. It makes the people around me happy, too. Smiles all round. : )


Seeking Simple Pleasures

It has been a great 2011. Much was accomplished though less time to stop and smell the roses. It was in the final days of the year when things were allowed to slow down and the stress in professional work started to thaw. It was finally family vacation time, sacred as it is.

The road trip was left much unplanned, going with the flow and fancy of family members. That means we could explore off the beaten tracks, stop and stay as long as we desired. It was also a time to build stronger bonds and happy memories.

The most memorable times were those of simple pleasures. What struck me most was the how awesome Mother Nature is with each pull of the tide, where waves crash on huge rocks or roll in to shore with much grandeur. The wind blew unceasingly, ensuring each strand of hair is out of place, yet the feeling was energizing. Standing there and taking in the sights and sounds, feeling the sea spray on my face was beyond the everyday experience.

Another day was spent at the waterfront on a kite-flying morning, letting the wind lift it higher and higher. Each tug and release, the kite dances in a whirl with a crowd looking up. Isn’t life like that? Pulling in and letting out in order to soar? Great heights are not achieved in one simple attempt but several. When all is done, we reel the kite in. And all effort had been taken to stay away from the kite-eating trees.

On a hot summer day, it is nice having a picnic on the grassy patch under the shade, lazing off and seeing puffy clouds on a clear blue sky. What did the cloud look like? An elephant? A dolphin? Then off to the ice cream van for a cold soft serve on a waffle cone and some fairy floss.

Being down by the beach, running on wet sand, letting the waves lap on my feet, chilly and refreshing, invigorated me. It was interesting to sit back and people watch, children building sand castles, surfers riding the waves, parents and tots playing with the beach ball, grandparents sipping cold beer, and so on. There was much laughter in the background.

These are some of life’s simple pleasures. Nothing ostentatious or flamboyant, just straight forward fun where we can relax and enjoy the moment. Be at ease. Be ourselves.

So this year, I shall be seeking simple pleasures again. You can bet your last dollar that we’re already planning our next family vacation.



This week, an old friend just connected with me via my recent eNewsletter. I was very elated. It had been such a long time since we last kept in touch. More than 2 years? How did I let that slip? It’s funny, how we take a long shot at the word Friends. We all have friends, many, in fact. But real friends?

Real friends are people we feel comfortable with. It never fails to amaze me how we can pick up from where we left off, be it weeks, months, years. The connection is real, never fake. They rise above common pleasantries and air kisses. These friends take you as you are and hear you out, even if you sound like a broken recorder. You can say whatever you want and are not judged. They know your strengths and weaknesses and let you be you. They also know when to knock sense into you and let you stay grounded.

As we grow older, making friends takes time and effort. Little children make friends easily. Being adults we are more cautious when linking up with people. Pressed for time, we do not even let the friendships grow, much less nurture new ones. Three years ago, I decided I would like to make new friends and get to know more people. In the midst, make some really good friends out of them. Some of them, at least. And I did. I made time to meet up and chat and be there for them. It isn’t how many friends I have made, but the real friends I have encountered and let the friendship grow. I do think of them often and wonder how they are.

So here’s to all my real friends out there. I just want to say: Thank you for understanding. Thank you for all the support. Thank you for all the laughter. Thank you for being there. Most of all, thank you for being you. : )

P/S – Will be in touch. Soon. I promise.


Personal Stock Take

In the past few weeks, things have taken a twist. On international news, the disaster in Japan shook the world. It was horrific with one piece of bad news after another. It was a dismal feeling of a bottomless pit. There was much grief. On my own personal front, losing an aunt was also difficult. Writing the eulogy was hard.  Then the mounting work pressure and deadlines seemed looming above my head.

In all that is happening, we get sucked into the hum dum of life. Sometimes it is good to take a step back. Re-look at the situation from a different perspective, like if you stood on a high chair to look at the room you are in now, wouldn’t it look different? Some problems may even look miniscule from the top!

This morning as I stepped back and took up a different position, I begin to see how these seemingly problem areas are new opportunities. This personal stock take allowed me to purge what is not important and focus on what will add value to the future for my family, my friends, my business associates and myself. And using  wide-angle lens, see a bigger picture and see the forest instead of just the trees.

Problems are not road blocks. They are diversions to better alternatives and new challenges. They become the stepping-stones to progress. I now have renewed strength and soar on wings like eagles.  This personal stock take has done wonders. Have you done yours today? Take a step back and go on your high stool.


Job Perks

It’s a wonder how much time we spend working. It’s lucky if you just spend only a third of your day at work. Most people exceed that. Would it be just eight hours in a day? What is it about work that keeps us to the grind? It is just a means to survive, getting that pay cheque month after month?

Surely work has to be more than that. How enjoyable is your work? Do you look at your job as a perk? When you do, time passes fast and you enjoy the details of the job. Actually it no long is a job, is it? It is fun, stimulating and the challenge drives you wild.

How is your job a perk? Mine is. I enjoy the flexibility in scheduling, the assignments to take on and even the people to work with. I get to read alot, which is wonderful. And get to travel now and then. More wonderful. It’s amazing having time to work and be able to strike a balance with home life. It was what I envied and finally managed to get there.

Whenever you are stuck in a rut, think of your job as a perk. It could be a stepping stone to something bigger. It could be building you up for  better things to come.  What are the goodies from the job that you are getting? Focus on the positivities that you derive from your job. Go ahead, enjoy your job. Enjoy the perks.