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Attempting Something New

Was there ever a time when you think you are unable to do something and yet did? It can be truly amazing, isn’t it?

Just three weeks ago, a new project landed on my feet. It was too good a chance to miss and it was another exciting journey in my professional life. The content of the subject was not difficult and something I have enjoyed over the years, reading, researching and doing, always trying to better my skills. However, this time round, part of the project required me to draw. Draw?

Yes, I have drawn … more like doodles and noodles. But draw something recognisably good enough for a class? Mmm, I had to think about it. But passing up the chance of working with a wonderful team and mentor became too great to miss. I decided to press on. Did quite a bit of research on how to draw from the internet and books. Then I set out to practise and practise and practise. More practise. My pencils got shorter and eraser got smaller.

By the time I hit the 50th sketch, I was almost a quarter way there. Then I needed to add in colours. The next step set in. Things were coming to shape. I sent my amateur work for critique. “Cute” was the polite first reply. My second attempt came back with, “Improved”. Diligently, I continued.

By now, I have decided to go for a formal class to raise my competency level with better understanding of techniques. Actually I have always wanted to attend such a class. What better time than now? Looking back, attempting something new is not so daunting after all. What seems ridiculous initially start to take shape when heart and mind are in one place, the possibilities are endless. I am glad I did. It is another “talent” to nurture and keep it as a hobby.

So what’s new that you would like to attempt and yet stop in your tracks? What’s stopping you? If it enriches your life, will you have a go? Soon?