Have you ever been in a rut where you wished someone would wave a magic wand and sprinkle star-dust on you? And the next moment before you know it, you are on the move again. You are out of the rut, breaking away from the same-old stalemate state. It is possible, you know.

Last month, when we launched the Personal Metamorphosis Program, participants went through a coaching program over a 21-day period. They started out not feeling too great about themselves, wanting to seek some direction in their lives. 

For the initial period, they were unsure of what they really want and went with the flow. By the 12th day, things became clearer and they started to move in the positive direction. By the 21st day, they already picked up speed. There was real transformation, a far cry from where they started.

I was amazed at their progress and level of energy. They emerged victors and have they not been in the program, they would still likely be marking time on the same spot. They were appreciative of the personal coaching and close follow through. Indeed it was an awakening in the metamorphosis. It’s simply awesome, just in 21 days.

You, too can have the same experience. Sign up for a transformative coaching program and you’ll be glad you did because you will move forward, much faster than you think and have a certified professional coach follow you though. What happens if you didn’t sign up? You’ll miss out and stay in the same spot, while others have forged ahead. Do you really want that? What are you waiting for? Contact della@metacircleinternational.com for more details. Can’t wait to see you start on this exciting journey.


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