When was the last time you had such a good laugh? As the saying goes, Laughter is the Best Medicine. When did you have a hearty laugh? I hope it was as recent as today.

This week amidst a busy schedule, I had three sessions of training, all of which were termed as a jolly good time. We laughed from start to end. When we allow some humour in our lives, the load lightens. We enjoy ourselves more and time seems to fly. It no longer is work but fun.

This evening, I laughed till I was bending and my cheeks ached. When we laughed as group, the rapport deepens and there is a common bond. It was good to let go and be ourselves, laughing to our hearts’ content. The whole room exploded with “Ha,ha,ha … Ho, ho, ho …” and the outside world ceased to exist.

The next time you get the chance to laugh out loud, seize the opportunity to do so. You feel lighter, consumed inĀ happiness. Be forewarned though, your cheeks might ache, too! : )

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