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A Parting Farewell

For the past few days, many people in Singapore were saddened by the passing of the wife of Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew. There were a number of articles, on-line blogs and news centered on her life and her contributions to the nation in her quiet ways. They were not only an interesting read but also tugged at the heartstrings.

What amazed me was the care and concern she had for people around her and the close relationship with her spouse. Theirs was a relationship where to have and to hold, for better for worse was real. It is a blessing to have a soul mate, someone to rejoice with, someone to share your sorrows and someone to just be there for you. In today’s world where relationships can be superficial and transient, having a real friend that lasts a life time is a rare find.

So let us treasure  the close ties we have with people who matter to us and cherish them while they are still around. Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones and no matter what status one has in life, grief does not escape  when a loved one is taken away. Farewell Mrs Lee. You will be remembered. 

By: Della Ng


Treasured Memories

Two weekends ago when I ran a stall selling second-hand children’s books, it was an experience more than I bargained for.  Though it was something of a necessity, an opportunity to rid the house of out-grown books, the letting go of them was painful. Each of those books meant something to me or my family, especially my children.

When I was packing the books for the stall, I painstakingly made the effort to wipe clean each one and savour the memories behind them. I can remember why that particular book was bought, when it was read and to whom it was read to. Seeing the worn out pages, the beautiful illustrations, the paper flaps, the 3D pop-ups … I reminisced the times when the books were enjoyed. Those treasured moments were deeply etched in my mind. They were shared memories with my children and a time of old fashion bonding.

As I put my sales pitch across to each customer, I was surprised that I was able to relate personal anecdotes on the books and how  they were used or how they affected us. Though it was emotional to let go of these so-called mementos, I finally have to part with them and allow another family or other children to enjoy and benefit from them. There was also a spirit of renewal, when the old gives way to the new, expecting another chapter to begin.

With the exception of a few books as keepsakes, I am now ready for a brand new page and will move on to create new memories, continuing  to read books. The journey never ends and realised that by letting go of material things, no matter how precious they are, we should instead just cling on to the memories and appreciate the people who helped create them.


Applaud Team Members

Embracing teamwork seems like such a cliche. It does seem like a company’s mantra. Recently I had the good fortune of working with one such team. It threw me off. I had a speaking engagement and it was done in Mandarin. Though I can speak colloquial Mandarin, to do an entire presentation with some formality would be something new. Not sure how I was going to pull it off.

As the event date drew nearer, I really needed much assistance with the translation, re-working the slides, going through the text and pictures. What amazed me was that help was at hand. And the team members did so, very willingly, too. When my first presentation rehearsal was less than spectacular, my confidence took a nose dive. I fell with a loud thud. It was truly humbling.

Team mates immediately rallied around to give practical tips, went through the content and more importantly gave moral support. Even the host team of the event was there to give the much-needed encouragement.  I did not feel alone. People around me were cheerleading. I had to practise, practise and with more practise to get to that level of professionalism I wanted. I tried very hard.

On the eve of the event, a team member believed I would rise to the occasion. That was a powerful statement. On the day of the event, I had an sms from another team-mate with a positive message to gear me for a successful presentation. The positivity was what I needed to get through.

When the actual presentation was delivered, I managed, I survived. Later I came out for my refreshments, the team was there to celebrate with me. I could feel as if the whole team held their breath when was I presenting and only exhaled when the presentation ended. They were elated with the performance.  They were certainly behind me.

Upon receiving the speaker’s plaque, I felt that credit belonged to the team and decided that it would remain with the organization that nominated me to represent them. Breaking my own barriers, doing the unexpected was what I thought would be beyond me. It was made possible with genuine team mates and I owe it to them. I applaud the team and thank goodness real teams still do exist.