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Inspiration – Transformation

Every now and then, we all get inspired by reading or watching people around us who have achieved great things, sometimes beyond imagination. That is wonderful and we celebrate the moment. We leave that page with a sense of awe. But that’s it, we leave that page. How many of us would act on the inspiration and get going? What does the inspiration do for you other than the feel-good feeling?

When was the last time you were inspired and used that inspiration to fuel the energy in you to do likewise? How has that inspiration transpired? What transformed?

Just last month, my dad who has slight difficulties in walking started exercising. It has been a long drawn plan to get him to exercise. I am not sure what finally sparked that other than under doctor’s advice, but he finally took the step to use the equipments at a lush exercise corner, a stone’s throw from where he lives.

One day when we were walking home from the train station, he said he wanted to exercise. He invited me to come and see the various exercise equipments and even demonstrated how to use them. He urged me to have a go. I was both amazed and amused by his enthusiasm. It has been months, no, I should say years that he did some active exercising.

I asked him what was the outcome of the exercises. He replied gleefully that his legs do not hurt anymore and he now walks pretty well. It was easy to see where his motivation was coming from that he is now a regular feature at the exercise park! I was inspired by him and told him there is a small gym where I live. He encouraged me to go try it out when I got home.

So the journey began with the buying of new sports shoes and within a week, me, the gym novice decided it was my call to action. I prefer exercising outdoors but in this blustery, cold winter season, the balmy indoors was a big draw. I started slow and easy and by the third visit was ready to charge. The fourth visit confirmed my eagerness to return to the stationery bike, paddling away to happiness. The after effects of exercise need not be said, I not only have a feeling of accomplishment but was also invigorated.

My father has been an inspiration to me on many counts and this recent one where I emulated his example to exercise at the gym is the latest of being transformed after being inspired.


Option: Trick or Treat?

Option: Trick or Treat?

Option: Changes?

Change. What does it mean? According to the dictionary, it says, “to transform, to convert”. The dictionary continues with its verb form, changing to mean “to become different or to be altered or modified.” How do you see change?

Change can be a scary word to some. It brings on the unknown and at times fear sets in for the unexpected, the inability to control the situation. Some find it unsettling and even put a negative connotation to it.

Change can also be welcomed. A move in position, a substitute for something, a change of scene, a break from the norm. A whole new dimension or a shift in gear.

Change – so what meaning does it hold for you? Do you embrace or flee from it? What changes have taken place in your life? Are you in the same old regime day in and out? Are you doing the same job as you did for years? Is your fashion style or even hair style/make-up the same as it was in the last 2-3 years? Are you only hanging out with the same circle of people? Have you tried a different route to work/school/home …? Are you reading books of the same category or author?

Change can open doors. Though it has its risks, it is also a new beginning, a movement from one plane to another, a breath of fresh air. It need not be big, it can be small. Some people are willing to make changes in one area but not another. For instance they take a different vacation each year but fall into the same routine daily, living the same way as they did for years. Some changes have have a profound effect that transforms a person or situation. Are you willing to take the chance to try something different? Do you allow yourself to be flexible and open to changes? If moving on/forward/side way means a better you, a better tomorrow, will you take that first step? Think of what the future looks or feels like with change, even if it is subtle. What opportunities await you?

Change can be accidental or planned. Which is yours? Are you your greatest change agent?

So ask yourself today: Are you up to the same old tricks or would you like a new treat? What changes do you want in your life? The options are yours: trick or treat?


Do Something for the First Time

Today while I was looking at pins on Pinterest, I came across an interesting quote, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” When we get bogged down with the humdrum of daily living, doing the same old, same old, and it becomes a predictable routine. Where does that lead us to?

For the past several weeks, I have been inundated with new projects. On the surface, they looked easy. But having gone through the initial steps, I realised there was more than meets the eye. There were areas I needed to update and in other areas to learn new stuff.

I set upon looking out for relevant courses to attend since I am back in Melbourne where creativity is embraced. The classes fitted my schedule and there, off I went. One weekend was spent on an “Introduction to Drawing” class, something I have always wanted to do. At the start of the class, I was kind of anxious; my mind was filled with uncertainty. I did not know what to expect. I have never been properly taught how to draw and now is the time to pick that up. The art teacher was amazing and very encouraging, make learning a breeze. Using new media and playing with materials was liberating. By the end of the class, the progress made within that few hours was obvious … well, it was bad to start with in the first place! Both the teacher and I were pleased with the results and I walked out on cloud 9.

The second class was an evening workshop on bridal floristry. This was more like an update session for me. Filled with anticipation, I entered the class to be greeted by the owner of the shop. Her creativity was apparent in the way her shop was presented. We wasted no time getting started with warm up activities and then moved on to the more serious stuff. The techniques picked up in getting the floral arrangement together were great and before we knew it, by the end of the session, we had beautifully arranged a bridal bouquet, corsage and boutonniere. Everyone was in high spirits, having achieved the skills to make such pretty things. We were unabashed raving at our own creations.

As I reflected upon the past weeks, I was glad I went for the classes pushed on by necessity for the projects I was engaged to do as a consultant. It was time I did new things that broke the routine. It added value to me both professionally and personally. Two items to tick off my bucket list. For the next six months, I shall be looking at things to do for the first time, something new. It is a path untrodden and may bring uncertainties but well worth exploring. It means stepping out of my comfort zone.The experience releases a newness within and looking at things with fresh eyes. 

So when was the last time you did something for the first time?  Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone? Will you taking for first step to doing that soon?



When we meet friends whom we have not seen for a long time, we often ask, “How are you?” with a concern on their well being. The most frequent answer heard, “I have been busy.” Everyone seems busy … all the time. I hardly get to meet someone who is relatively free. People are occupied all the time, almost like 24/7 and if you are out free, you stand out and people wonder what have you wasted your time on!

How do we make time? Can time be made? Are we ahead or behind it? We often run out of it. We lose it. Yet we are given 24hours each, rich or poor,  it is the same dose every day. What you make out of it is really up to you. How you want to stretch it depends on your creativity. It can go to waste, too.

What meaning do you attach to time? Is time of value to you? To the businessman, time is money. To an Olympic runner, a mere few seconds make a great difference to the gold medal. To a child, getting to the destination seems like hours. To the cancer patient, every day is a miracle. Time is precious. The clock ticks on where time and tide waits for no man. True.

As the world spins, time slips out as in an hourglass. Are you time tight? How do you manage your time? Or does it manage you? Look around you. Do you see pockets of time you could use? The waiting time, the lull periods, the in-betweens? What do you do?

Clever usage of time needs to be planned. Having designated blocks of time to get things done is one way. Focusing on priorities and giving it the important time slots mean we get key things out of the way. That includes things we dread to do.

To get some extra time, I started off today by waking up an hour earlier. There was much I could do and I did. Things that were put on the back burner came out first and completed in a shorter time frame than I expected. I was elated. I did things faster than I usually do and the change in schedule made the difference because the routine was re-routed and I did things on a fresh footing. That helped.

When we do things we love, we get immersed and time cease to exist. It flies through the window. We are in the time zone. The danger comes when we do not know when to stop as the enjoyment gets exhilarating. That accounts for us being late, delayed work in other aspects, missed deadlines and pushing things back. We need to take a step back to re-focus.

Having a planner to craft out the time zones for work and play makes a lot of sense and yet most people do not do it. Use a planner to see where your time went to and how you can make the most of it. Look at it and ask: Are there things you could cut down? Are there things you could increase? Are there things you can do away or delegate?

It takes effort to make changes and save time when you can. Do you want to do it? What do you see as the end result of having it done? Does it motivate you sufficiently to have the change? It all comes back to the meaning you attach to time. If it is important enough to you, the change will be made. Be time wise.


The Road Less Travelled

It has been a forced situation where circumstances dictate that I do it differently this time. For years I have avoided driving by myself to the west part of this sunny island. Why? The excuse was that I do not know the way and it is a labyrinth of factories in an industrial estate with heavy vehicles plying the roads. If I am ever there it has been my colleagues, my partner or some family member who drove. Otherwise I take the train.

Just this week, I had to visit a client tucked in that corner of the earth. I love to work with them and there is no way I am going to pass up the chance of another enjoyable project exploring new territories together. This avoiding business just had to stop.

I checked the map on how to get there and made sure I have my bearings right. I know what you must be whispering … hey, use the GPS. Well, this car when purchased did not come with it and I have lived without one for eons, so why bother? All done, I was ready to go solo on this so called road trip.

It was some road trip. I got lost in the urban jungle of the industrial estate. It was not my way or the highway, it was stop and turn back before I go any further. Fuming at myself for my mistake, I had to check for directions. Then I am off again, finally making it to my destination in one piece.

Looking back, it was not as hard as I thought. It was all in my mind. I will have to visit my client again with the project underway. Will I drive? Yes, I will. What was it that stopped me from driving there all these years? It is some perception I have in my head that the drive there is complicated and difficult. If I had conquered my doubts, I would have enjoyed the suburban precincts with the new malls and amenities. What have I missed?

What is in your life that you have similarly avoided? Could an opportunity come where you can take charge and make the change to embrace it? I have and now I wonder what took me so long. Come to think of it, perhaps I should consider investing in a GPS device. Then I am all ready to travel to the four corners of the earth and take the road less travelled. What about you?


Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy flows where Attention goes as directed by Intention. Have you heard of this phrase? What does it mean?

At a recently training where I introduced the first module for coaching, I used this at the start. People who come for training on their own accord have something in mind that they want to learn. Their put their energy focusing on what is delivered. That is because their intention is to get something out of the training.

What are you focusing on now? This is an important question because it defines what you are paying attention to. You will do the stuff as you intended. Your energy will be used to accomplish the task. Thus think of an area you wish to work on and when you really intend to get it going, your focus will be on that area and that is where you put your energy on.

However there are times when we get side-tracked or abandon the area of interest. You will find how quickly you lose focus and your energy is directed elsewhere. So how do you keep that up? Firstly ask yourself what you want in that area of concern, be it health, relationship, work, family, wealth creation … What do you really want? Do you have the ends in mind? What do you wish to end up with? Understand the “whys” you are doing it. Then make the end result real for you as you see, hear or feel it.

Once that is established, revisit it frequently. Note your milestones, celebrate the wins along the way. As you build momentum, more energy may be fuelled to the desired area. But your intention has to be clear. You need to know the “why” you are doing it before you set on the “how”. When the reasons are strong enough, it will gravitate where you want to go.

Should your aim start with what you do not want, re-examine it and state what you want. For instance if you do not want to live in poverty, do not want to live from pay cheque to pay cheque … then what do you want? If you want financial freedom, free from debts, ability to live comfortably, then state that as your goal. Your energy goes to where you pay most attention to. If your intentions are misguided, think of how your actions and energy will go to the wrong places.

So start by putting your goals forth, know the reasons for establishing the goals and set out to accomplish them. Remember energy flows where attention goes as directed by intention.


Happy New You!

So 2013 has begun. Each new year brings hope and new opportunities.

In this new year, what’s new for you? What do you intend to do that is different from the years before? The changes could be in the areas of work, finance, lifestyle, relationship, time management, wardrobe, spiritual matters, living quarters, sports, eating habits … the list goes on.

Will you be stepping out of your comfort zone? What do your envision the new you to look like, sound like or feel like? How do you know when the new you is taking shape?

Think about what you will do make that difference in your life. Let the positive changes take place in you. May 2013 be different.

Happy New Year! Happy New You!