The Road Less Travelled

It has been a forced situation where circumstances dictate that I do it differently this time. For years I have avoided driving by myself to the west part of this sunny island. Why? The excuse was that I do not know the way and it is a labyrinth of factories in an industrial estate with heavy vehicles plying the roads. If I am ever there it has been my colleagues, my partner or some family member who drove. Otherwise I take the train.

Just this week, I had to visit a client tucked in that corner of the earth. I love to work with them and there is no way I am going to pass up the chance of another enjoyable project exploring new territories together. This avoiding business just had to stop.

I checked the map on how to get there and made sure I have my bearings right. I know what you must be whispering … hey, use the GPS. Well, this car when purchased did not come with it and I have lived without one for eons, so why bother? All done, I was ready to go solo on this so called road trip.

It was some road trip. I got lost in the urban jungle of the industrial estate. It was not my way or the highway, it was stop and turn back before I go any further. Fuming at myself for my mistake, I had to check for directions. Then I am off again, finally making it to my destination in one piece.

Looking back, it was not as hard as I thought. It was all in my mind. I will have to visit my client again with the project underway. Will I drive? Yes, I will. What was it that stopped me from driving there all these years? It is some perception I have in my head that the drive there is complicated and difficult. If I had conquered my doubts, I would have enjoyed the suburban precincts with the new malls and amenities. What have I missed?

What is in your life that you have similarly avoided? Could an opportunity come where you can take charge and make the change to embrace it? I have and now I wonder what took me so long. Come to think of it, perhaps I should consider investing in a GPS device. Then I am all ready to travel to the four corners of the earth and take the road less travelled. What about you?

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