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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy flows where Attention goes as directed by Intention. Have you heard of this phrase? What does it mean?

At a recently training where I introduced the first module for coaching, I used this at the start. People who come for training on their own accord have something in mind that they want to learn. Their put their energy focusing on what is delivered. That is because their intention is to get something out of the training.

What are you focusing on now? This is an important question because it defines what you are paying attention to. You will do the stuff as you intended. Your energy will be used to accomplish the task. Thus think of an area you wish to work on and when you really intend to get it going, your focus will be on that area and that is where you put your energy on.

However there are times when we get side-tracked or abandon the area of interest. You will find how quickly you lose focus and your energy is directed elsewhere. So how do you keep that up? Firstly ask yourself what you want in that area of concern, be it health, relationship, work, family, wealth creation … What do you really want? Do you have the ends in mind? What do you wish to end up with? Understand the “whys” you are doing it. Then make the end result real for you as you see, hear or feel it.

Once that is established, revisit it frequently. Note your milestones, celebrate the wins along the way. As you build momentum, more energy may be fuelled to the desired area. But your intention has to be clear. You need to know the “why” you are doing it before you set on the “how”. When the reasons are strong enough, it will gravitate where you want to go.

Should your aim start with what you do not want, re-examine it and state what you want. For instance if you do not want to live in poverty, do not want to live from pay cheque to pay cheque … then what do you want? If you want financial freedom, free from debts, ability to live comfortably, then state that as your goal. Your energy goes to where you pay most attention to. If your intentions are misguided, think of how your actions and energy will go to the wrong places.

So start by putting your goals forth, know the reasons for establishing the goals and set out to accomplish them. Remember energy flows where attention goes as directed by intention.