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Silver Lining

Behind every cloud is a silver lining. True? Just when things look bad or do not go the way we expected, what happens? Disappointment. A feeling of being let down, asking ourselves, “How can this happen? How could it be?” Sigh.

Just last month, in my final work trip, I was unprepared to face planned work that was not to materialize though they were originally agreed upon months ago. The news came two weeks before my flight and it was unpleasant, to say the least. There were other things I could have worked on if there was sufficient time to re-route when the plans went askew.

Well, one can sit back, rant and rave on the unfairness of things, unethical practices of businesses, unprofessionalism and so on, but what good would that do? People around me were highly sympathetic, shook their heads in disbelief. They kindly offered solutions and were very encouraging. Thus Plan B had to be quickly put in place. It was time to take stock and move on, making way for new developments.

The days were mapped out with other assignments, back-to-back appointments catching up with friends, family and business associates with social and business agendas. I attended a workshop, bonded with people, ate at two newly opened restaurants owned by friends and checked out places off the beaten tracks. It was more fulfilling than I expected with better results than anticipated. Things were looking up and disappointment quickly evapourated and was replaced with excitement, new avenues opening up. I stuck with people who were positive and after each appointment, I went away feeling gratified with the connectivity and the confidence to forge ahead.

Thus there was a silving lining behind the cloud and I was glad I managed to look beyond the dark clouds. The next time should I chance upon such a situation, I shall look for the silver lining, knowing that things will turn out even better.