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Dreams Become Reality

Do you have dreams? Do you sometimes feel that your dreams are so big that you wonder if they will ever come true? I have felt that way before and wondered if the dream I have is ever going to materialise.

Just last month in Singapore, we held a Visual Merchandising Competition in the heart of the city. That was something I have always wanted … to showcase the creativity as well as the skills and knowledge of visual merchandisers, having seen the high standard of visual merchandising in local Australian stores

The idea of delivering modules related to visual display and having a competition to top it off seems a bit far fetch at first. What started out as a project to show off the Melbourne shop windows through a presentation became an opportunity to bring that to the next level. Of course, speaking to the right person who believed it can done helps.

We mooted on the idea of delivering classes and hosting a visual merchandising competition. We approached the relevant authorities and that was the beginning. We took baby steps going back and forth, conquering red tape and convincing people of what we believed in. It took months and months before something came out of it.

There was much hard work not to mention the team work behind the scenes. It became a stretch challenge. It was a learning process. The competition ran at national level and all the finalists were my past class participants, each talented in their own ways. That was the icing on the cake. Thus you can imagine my elation when the competition finally ran and I stepped back to realise that a dream is not just a dream, it can be a reality. It has taken almost 4 years. It is no longer surreal.

What are you dreaming of today? Start dreaming now.