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Pace, pace, pace

It has been a while since I last wrote in this blog. The year started with a big bang with assignments lined up. This is indeed great news for a business owner with free-lance work pouring in and training schedules back-to-back together with projects and module development work. It has been work, work, work from the word Go.

Yet, work should not consume all of one’s life. It is a fine art to balance both work and life, getting the most of each. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work and it is so enjoyable … learning new things, meeting new participants, making new friends, researching, writing, reading, being creative ….. I simply bask in it.

Having said that I also needed to pull myself away from the passion of work and spend time with loved ones, reading for pleasure, watching a movie or two, gardening, spending time outdoors, cooking, doing some craft work and of course the mundane housekeeping.

To strike a balance, firstly one must desire for the balance and set a plan to achieve it. Pace oneself. There is a time for everything under heaven … so what time is best to get the work done and what time is set aside to recoup?

With more travelling than I expected this year, I am still pleased with the balance achieved thus far. Much work has been accomplished with looming deadlines. Work stretched on and working to wee hours to get them all done. Then catching up on the other things and eating right, getting the sufficient rest, not necessarily in just sleep but also in unwinding. Marking out the social  calendar for special days to be with  family, friends and business associates. Planning and enjoying new experiences.

Working on blocks of time to slot in the activities. Each item has to be planned. Pacing work became a new game … achieving more in less time, pace the work as per deadlines. It is not just multi-tasking but even switching tasks and projects to get a breath of fresh air. This has worked well for me. I am glad I am able to tick off the things I wanted to do.

I advocate pace, pace, pace and also letting go of things are no longer important. There are things that can be postponed or delegated or for the better, no need of, purge them off the system. Being organised makes things easier and the pacing can take on a routine that moves like clockwork.

Though not perfect, the balance is achieved to what I find acceptable and that keeps me happy. It makes the people around me happy, too. Smiles all round. : )