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In the last two months, the amount of work was insurmountable. There were heaps of things to do. And re-do! But yet, I wanted to spend time with people who mattered most to me. Re-connecting is important. It is something we need to make time for.

In re-connecting with friends and family, we catch up on what has happened to us. When I am back home with my family, we really bond and do many things together.  Even sitting down to watch TV in the living room was pleasurable, each having his/her own comments and thoughts. We laughed together.

Last Sunday, a few family members and I went out for dinner. It was not the usual dinner, but a fun one with some entertainment thrown in at a Spanish eatery. Though we have met several times to dine and chat under different circumstances, that evening was really fun. We do not meet often, but the re-connection was easy, we could take up from where we left off. There was much to catch up and again we laughed.

These re-connections are what memories are made of. Each time we gather, we laugh which makes the time we spend with each other so happy, so precious and so endearing. It makes us want to meet up again and again. Life is cluttered with many activities and much work. To re-connect with people we treasure, we need to make time for them. Every month, I shall take time out of my busy schedule to spend time, not just “quality” time, but “quantity” time with love ones.