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Seeking Simple Pleasures

It has been a great 2011. Much was accomplished though less time to stop and smell the roses. It was in the final days of the year when things were allowed to slow down and the stress in professional work started to thaw. It was finally family vacation time, sacred as it is.

The road trip was left much unplanned, going with the flow and fancy of family members. That means we could explore off the beaten tracks, stop and stay as long as we desired. It was also a time to build stronger bonds and happy memories.

The most memorable times were those of simple pleasures. What struck me most was the how awesome Mother Nature is with each pull of the tide, where waves crash on huge rocks or roll in to shore with much grandeur. The wind blew unceasingly, ensuring each strand of hair is out of place, yet the feeling was energizing. Standing there and taking in the sights and sounds, feeling the sea spray on my face was beyond the everyday experience.

Another day was spent at the waterfront on a kite-flying morning, letting the wind lift it higher and higher. Each tug and release, the kite dances in a whirl with a crowd looking up. Isn’t life like that? Pulling in and letting out in order to soar? Great heights are not achieved in one simple attempt but several. When all is done, we reel the kite in. And all effort had been taken to stay away from the kite-eating trees.

On a hot summer day, it is nice having a picnic on the grassy patch under the shade, lazing off and seeing puffy clouds on a clear blue sky. What did the cloud look like? An elephant? A dolphin? Then off to the ice cream van for a cold soft serve on a waffle cone and some fairy floss.

Being down by the beach, running on wet sand, letting the waves lap on my feet, chilly and refreshing, invigorated me. It was interesting to sit back and people watch, children building sand castles, surfers riding the waves, parents and tots playing with the beach ball, grandparents sipping cold beer, and so on. There was much laughter in the background.

These are some of life’s simple pleasures. Nothing ostentatious or flamboyant, just straight forward fun where we can relax and enjoy the moment. Be at ease. Be ourselves.

So this year, I shall be seeking simple pleasures again. You can bet your last dollar that we’re already planning our next family vacation.