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Build up a memory bank

It’s the time of the year … the end of the year … where people are more relaxed, in the holiday mood. The making of lists, checking it twice, the planning, the shopping, the events, the rush and getting oneself together, all gearing up for Christmas and year-end parties.

What does the year-end festivity hold for you? Does it bring back sweet memories from yesteryear? What did you do when you were a kid? What was the magic in all this? How has this year-end fuss affected you as a kid and now?

Year-end festivities are special times for most of us spending it with friends and family. They hold many wonderful memories, of the times we look forward to get together, the times we shared a meal, the times catch up, the times we unwrapped presents and the many times we laughed.

Just this week, when my son had his Carols Nights in school, my daughter and I went with our picnic goodies and mat to sit back and enjoy the summer evening. The many old carols sang brought back to my mind the many Christmases my extended family got together with handwritten lyrics and a guitar or two to sing along under the stars; the simple things in life where technology has not invaded our space yet. To this day, I can sing from memory the carols that still hold meaning for me. My sisters and cousins would share the same sentiments.

This Christmas, my family bought a simple tree and it was more because of the children. It has been years since we put one up and why not now, I asked myself. It would be a good time for the children write the greeting cards, put up the trimmings,  and be involved in getting the food ready, making deserts and salad.

Memories are made of these, some more mundane, others spectacular. As we grow older, we retrieve our memory banks and savour the wonderful times we shared with people who mattered to us. What memorable events are you creating this year?

Have a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas!