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This week, an old friend just connected with me via my recent eNewsletter. I was very elated. It had been such a long time since we last kept in touch. More than 2 years? How did I let that slip? It’s funny, how we take a long shot at the word Friends. We all have friends, many, in fact. But real friends?

Real friends are people we feel comfortable with. It never fails to amaze me how we can pick up from where we left off, be it weeks, months, years. The connection is real, never fake. They rise above common pleasantries and air kisses. These friends take you as you are and hear you out, even if you sound like a broken recorder. You can say whatever you want and are not judged. They know your strengths and weaknesses and let you be you. They also know when to knock sense into you and let you stay grounded.

As we grow older, making friends takes time and effort. Little children make friends easily. Being adults we are more cautious when linking up with people. Pressed for time, we do not even let the friendships grow, much less nurture new ones. Three years ago, I decided I would like to make new friends and get to know more people. In the midst, make some really good friends out of them. Some of them, at least. And I did. I made time to meet up and chat and be there for them. It isn’t how many friends I have made, but the real friends I have encountered and let the friendship grow. I do think of them often and wonder how they are.

So here’s to all my real friends out there. I just want to say: Thank you for understanding. Thank you for all the support. Thank you for all the laughter. Thank you for being there. Most of all, thank you for being you. : )

P/S – Will be in touch. Soon. I promise.


Operating in an Abundance Mode

It is really amazing how people who live in an abundant mode flourish time and again. They operate as if things will happen. They have a wider horizon that encompasses things not seen with the naked eye. They welcome competition and see it as a benchmark for better performance. They know that there is more out there and competition comes in all sizes, they have only to create a niche for them to stand out.

Instead of being on the war path head on with the competition, they head off to uncharted territories. Challenges are opportunities unrealized. They have the insight to look beyond the ordinary and spot on what others may cast off. On top of it, a never say die attitude becomes of them. Even with setbacks, they manage to pick themselves up and look toward blue sky days again. Really, resilience and tenacity are action words in their vocabulary.

On the flip side, there are those who operate on scarcity. They live in fear of having their territories conquered. A slight ripple in still waters becomes a giant wave that rocks the boat. High anxiety rides high and worry takes over. Instead of working in partnership with people, they are viewed with apprehension. Any loss brings on a panic attack. Just thinking of operating on less and even lesser in the future is a foreseeable nightmare.

Of the two groups, which would you choose to be associated with?  I will naturally go with the first group. The abundant mode set me free and live life knowing there is more to come and it is only there for my taking. The scarcity group though may experience growth, live life tip toeing around the issues and in fear of losing their grip. So how would you like to live your life? Abundance or scarcity? The answer becomes obvious.