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A New Hobby

Having had several weeks of work, work, work, and more work, I was beginning to feel worn out. I needed a new release of energy. I wanted to energize but not through the regular work. So what’s next?

One Saturday, I decided to visit a mall which houses lots of bookshops from second-hand books to school text books to specialty books to art shops. It was quite a delight just to be there exploring and chanced upon a specialty bookstore stocked with heaps of art related books for the fashionistas to interior designers to graphic artists to photographers to people involved in the visual arts. What turned out to be an hour’s search became two hours when the excitement of browsing those books took on. If not for a dinner appointment, I would not tear myself away.

Just before I left this shop, a small collection of books caught my eye. Hmm. There were some craft books on handmade stuff. I was intrigued and in the end, I said I shall think about it before investing in the new craft. Three weeks later, I popped into that shop again and this time, I had made up my mind to make a purchase and held the book in my hands. I spent time reading through and searched the web for more information. Before long, I started to cast my eyes on things related to this new craft. It was the opening of a Pandora box. New ideas, creative juices started flowing.

Just this weekend, I gathered my new tools to start my new hobby. It was therapeutic. It took me away from work and yet I was doing something meaningful. I enjoyed it and a new product is made. Handmade, I must add. The commercial side of me, started thinking of even selling the product when I have mastered the craft and let it be a self-paying hobby.

I am now happy again. Crafting away when I permit the time to be away from my regular work and delight at the satisfaction of a newly made product. When I scrutinise it, I see irregularities, all pointing to the product being crafted individually, not machine-made, not mass-produced. I hope to complete the first series in two weeks. You can bet your last dollar on my how much I relish this new accidental hobby.