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Limited Internet Access

What is it like to have limited access to the internet and emails? Do you feel anxious? Do you feel that you may be missing out on something or need to attend to the mails urgently? It feels unsettling, doesn’t it? I do have limited access when I am traveling and it does seem kind of acceptable. But for work trips, frustration mounts when I am not being able to have full access.

Last couple of days, I was in such a situation. I asked myself how often do I need to access the internet. How often do I need to read my mails per day? After calming down, I realized there is no real need to check my mailbox as frequently as I used to.  Some of the mails are subscribed articles, regular friendly emails, junk mails and the occasional spam. In all, it is no big deal to check my mails once or twice a day. In fact this weekend, I checked it only once. Did I miss out on anything? No.

Thus the days of initial anxiety was unwarranted. Things can be taken care of and there is no need to fret, unless an urgent matter awaits. With that I breathe easier knowing I can respond to messages within reasonable time and not be ruled by the quick response syndrome of now, now, now … immediate response. No need to drive the blood pressure up.

If you have a similar experience, do share. Love to hear your stories.