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An Unusual Experience – A House Guest

The House Guest

Snuggled Up on a Winter Day

Since moving down under, we had many more guests staying over than we ever did over the past 10 years add together. It is nice to spend time together with the guests and get to know them even better. A week ago when I arrived home from an overseas assignment, I was greeted by another house guest. This time, it was a dog. My family is dog-sitting for 3 weeks while my relatives are away on holiday. Of course, my children are delighted. I had mixed feelings.

A week has gone by since and we got along well, … the doggie and myself, I mean.  Except for the occasional loud barking, its manners are acceptable. Even though I am swamped with work every day, it sits quietly by itself and does not disturb me. In the chilly winter days, when the sun shines through the glass windows in the living room, there you’ll find it basking on its lofty bed. Stretched out to have a lazy nap.

The main responsibility of looking after the dog lies in the hands of my daughter. She is on a learning curve and has taken on the role as a guardian rather well. We never had a dog and this is the first time the family lived with one full-time. There are times, we need to put the doggie’s needs before ours. This was explained clearly to the children.  For this house guest, its daily meals, walks, toilet times, play and grooming, are done to the clock work. As adults, sometimes we forget when we are so engrossed in our work, we let others wait and at our convenience, attend to them later. Tsk, tsk.

It’ll be another week before the owners are back and my children and spouse are already dreading to let him go. They have bonded with a doggie who loved without strings attached and showed it. Guess I will have to admit that I shall miss his silent company while I am typing away at my lap top. Then again, we do get visiting rights over the weekend.

My family has at first subtly hinted that it would be nice to have a dog around. Now they have become blatant with their opinions and give all sorts of suggestions. It would be quite a responsibility to do so and needs careful consideration. Well think we’ll not go there for now as I’ll just say: Let sleeping dogs lie. Woof!