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Job Perks

It’s a wonder how much time we spend working. It’s lucky if you just spend only a third of your day at work. Most people exceed that. Would it be just eight hours in a day? What is it about work that keeps us to the grind? It is just a means to survive, getting that pay cheque month after month?

Surely work has to be more than that. How enjoyable is your work? Do you look at your job as a perk? When you do, time passes fast and you enjoy the details of the job. Actually it no long is a job, is it? It is fun, stimulating and the challenge drives you wild.

How is your job a perk? Mine is. I enjoy the flexibility in scheduling, the assignments to take on and even the people to work with. I get to read alot, which is wonderful. And get to travel now and then. More wonderful. It’s amazing having time to work and be able to strike a balance with home life. It was what I envied and finally managed to get there.

Whenever you are stuck in a rut, think of your job as a perk. It could be a stepping stone to something bigger. It could be building you up for  better things to come.  What are the goodies from the job that you are getting? Focus on the positivities that you derive from your job. Go ahead, enjoy your job. Enjoy the perks.


Job Well Done

Have you ever had the feeling of completing a huge project and having that weight lifted off your shoulders? It somehow feels so much lighter. Your heart sings. Mine did. It was  wonderful to have one big tick off the list. Relieved, is the word.

Then getting back to the laptop, I suddenly felt a sense of loss having done the assignment over the past few weeks. Everything is done, all loose ends tied up, there is nothing else left to do. It’s the letting go of the baby nurtured week after week, revision after revision and finally the product is ready for launch that gave me mixed feelings.

Took a break. Hit the outdoors for some fresh air and gardening. Came back in to the laptop and started on the next assignment. It felt good. A new start and a new baby to nurture once more. Next few weeks will be another frenzy period of work. Could feel the rush of adrenaline as new work brings new excitement. I am already immersed in it.

It’s an irony when we cannot wait to finish the job and yet when it is all done, the letting go is another thing. Having another assignment to replace the old one was what I needed. Keeps me going. This weekend, will reward myself for the hard work done and take on the next job with ease. Itching to get on it now.