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Step into the Outdoors

It has been a whole long week of work, work ,work. More work. And it has also been raining. Though the work has been enjoyable, the sheer volume of it was stretching the limits. It’s quite something to work till the wee hours of dawn. I got to see the first light of day and yet, pounding away on the keyboard. Not the life I imagined at the start of the year.

This week things have eased back to normal and deadlines are spread out. Phew! The sun is finally out, too. So yesterday, after a hard day’s work, I stepped out into the sunshine. Realised how much I missed the outdoors. It was a bit chilly being clad in t-shirt and shorts. I decided to work on the garden and it was more therapeutic than I thought, even though I was only weeding.

Being outdoors changed things. It is great to step out into the wide open space and  be there. Just filling my lungs with fresh air was exhilarating. When the gardening was completed, I looked around to see the work my hands. The garden was much neater. I was pleased. All it took was an hour outdoors. I shall do that again.