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Ending 2010 on a High Note

This is the last day of  2010 in Australia. Another decade is gone since Y2K. How did that end for you? Mine ended on a high note.

In the past years, my family and I have never taken a break this late in the year. This year we decided to do things differently. It was almost done at the spur of the moment with minimum planning and going with the flow. It was a vacation at a seaside town. It turned out to be the best decision we have made at such a short notice.

The past few days have been great seeing nature up close, breathing in fresh air and hearty laughter. Enjoying new experiences like cherry picking, being lost in a maze, walking down the boardwalk to the pebble shore, taking pictures of sand sculptures and more. Those magical moments create happy, happy memories. What a way to end the year!

Now refreshed, waiting to face the new year with gusto.  It’s going to be another happy year. Welcome 2011!.