It’s that Time of the Year

This is my favourite time of the year. December is always a great time where families gather and work cease for some time. People at work are off for the holidays and everyone around seems to be in the holiday mood. That makes the atmosphere pretty lighthearted and joyful.

Going through the malls, seeing the Christams decorations, bumping into last-minute shoppers, listening to the Christmas carols played over the system, adds to the festivity. To add to it, the weather has been kind of chilly for this summer season, giving that cosy feeling. It’s really the time of the year.

However this year, there has been an avalanche of assignments. Unlike other years, I could relax a little, let go and enjoy the remaining days in the year. This year is an exception. Though I do enjoy what I am doing, I realised the usual fuss of gift buying and wrapping have to be done with efficiency. I am glad I started early and managed to get all the gifts purchased weeks ahead. Now what’s left is the wrapping up. That should be easy and I am determined to do it in a jiffy.

Today I am glad I am done with 2 key projects and can get a breather for the next few days, getting down to really enjoy the Christmas. I shall start on the next few projects and yet go slow, to pace myself and pick up again when next year comes. Guess, it is really the time of the year where I allow myself to rest and be me. No work, no official calls. Just enjoy the holiday season.

I hope you, too  will have time to be laid back.  We all deserve this window of relaxation. Here’s wishing you a Blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Cheers, Della


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