Reliving the Memories

About a week ago, my extended family had a great big reunion in a rented holiday house at a resort site. It had been ages since we did one of these things. My siblings and cousins recounted those days when we were kids and went to a holiday house, which we called “bungalow” near the sea. It was sheer fun and carefree days of swimming, eating and playing games, including indoor board games or cards. We combed the beach, seeked out sea shells and teased the salt water out of our ears! We were allowed to laze and just be ourselves. By evening, we would have a great curry dinner followed by sing-a-longs, way before those karaoke machines came on the scene. Simplicity in entertainment but nevertheless, still making  joyful noise.

This time a few cousins got together and planned for the next generation to enjoy the same family experience. Mind you, now we have 3 generations under on roof, it was sheer hard work putting everything together, not to mention the timing to suit both big and small, young and old. There was the varied menu of food for different days and evenings, the activities for the children, the sleeping arrangements and all the logistics to take care of. Of course it was made easier with people accessing their emails for smooth communication, something we did not have eons ago.

The highlight of the event was the barbecue. The guys did most of the barbecuing standing next to the hot pits and fanning away. A whiff of the barbecued chicken wings and tender beef would make one’s mouth water. The salad, sweet potatoes, garlic bread and other yummy foodstuff did all they could to whet our appetites. We even had traditional  dessert, all made with love. We really tucked in. There was a birthday celebration for 5 people who reached their 5th decade this year. The enormous cake had their visuals cleverly digitalized on marzipan. Years ago, we would have made do with the home-made butter cake topped with rich, creamy icing!

The teens put up an item or two and improvized lyrics to popular songs. When they forgot the words, they only need to whip out the iPad and viola all is well again. What a far cry from the time we cousins had to sing from painstakingly copied song sheets, with dog ears and smudged ink! The singing went on with gusto.

It was a fabulous family reunion though not quite the same as what it used to be, the spirit of a happy family remained. Would we do it again? Yes, despite the hard work and coordination, we would, I guess. It’s reliving those memories that keep us going.

Cheers/Della Ng


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