Containing ourselves

There was a piece of news in the papers that drew my attention after my business partner mentioned it. There was an incident where a young man died due to a gang setting on him. What a tragedy! What sparked off was a staring incident and something so minor as that has set off the chase and fight as reported in the newspapers.

My heart goes out to his parents. For nineteen years they bring him up and he was smart enough to qualify into  tertiary education only to meet his death in the such a senseless manner. What were they (the assailants) thinking of? Could they not channel their energies into something more constructive? The dynamics of the team was so strong to go bash up someone for trivial matters? Egos at stake when there is not enough ego-strength to contain them?

When we reflect back, there may also be moments where we demonstrate our anger in less constructive and supportive ways. It could be a harsh word, a sarcastic remark, an insult, a mean look, or worse screaming and yelling, cutting people down to size. In physical forms we witness road rage, slammed doors, stomping, destructive behaviour … Mmmmm.

In the age where we want instant results, instant gratification, when thing start to slow down and not go at our pace, we feel frustrated. Patience is really a virtue today. If we could exercise a bit of that and control our anger, take hold our temper and see things in perspective, we contribute to a better world.

For now, I think of the boy who died in such horrendous circumstances and advocate we do away with violence, especially when young minds get imprints from the violence they see on TV shows/movies, the internet or worse partake in violent video games with sadistic outcomes. These scenes play on in young minds and what do they grow up to be? If we could curb these, we do them a favour. What a waste to a young life lost forever!


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