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Celebrating Children’s Day

Tomorrow is Children’s Day. My son is with me on this trip back to Singapore. Yet I have work commitments and am unable to spend time with him on Children’s Day. So we decided to do it a day earlier. My children have always celebrated Mother’s Day for me, so naturally I would also plan something nice for them on Children’s Day. Some years back, we would spend a day outdoors, another time we had a surprise pizza lunch and so on. These are wonderful memories for both the children and myself.

This year we wanted something simple and settled for a light lunch in the heart of Orchard Road. We eat leisurely and chatted just about anything under the sun. We went shopping browsing at merchandise and it was fun, being together. We took pictures together and laughed quite a bit.

When I had to drop him off to go for an assignment, he gave me a big smile and looked really happy. I said, “Happy Children’s Day, son!” and he waved as he walked away. Time well spent and nothing will replace these special moments. My, how fast the children have grown. I am already of thinking of creating another special time together this weekend. It’s great to be with loved ones. So you planning anything soon?


Giving Back to the Community

For the longest time ever, I had wanted to do some social and community work. Due to the long hours at corporate work previously, I was not able to spare the time to do so. The efforts I took to support the community was through donations by raising funds from selling little flags/stickers and collections for donation boxes. Some how  that did not seem enough.

Two weeks ago, I saw an ad in the newspapers asking for volunteers to work in the retail shop. That caught my  attention as being a trainer and consultant for the retail industry, it fitted in nicely.  I checked some charitable organizations in the internet to find out more and finally decided on the Salvos Store. After writing in to them, they responded and got me an interview.

The store manager was kind and showed me around on the first day of work. I was excited and got to meet new people. I started work by simply sorting out  books and did some simple visual merchandising at that book section. It became neater and more interesting. Just within 2.5hours, I felt happy. It was a fulfilling job, knowing that there was some contribution to society and the earnings from the shop goes back to the community.

When I look back, perhaps the timing is right. Now that my children are older and whilst they are in school, I can spare some hours giving back to society. I realised I have managed to fulfil my wish of doing some social work. I look forward to going back there to work again.

If you have done some community work before, I am sure you will agree with me the satisfaction of spending some time to do good works. If you have not, there is always the opportunity to give it a go. The rewards may not be monetary but the personal satifaction is tremendous. And whatever little effort you put in goes a long way to help someone else in need. That’s cool, isn’t it?