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Applaud Team Members

Embracing teamwork seems like such a cliche. It does seem like a company’s mantra. Recently I had the good fortune of working with one such team. It threw me off. I had a speaking engagement and it was done in Mandarin. Though I can speak colloquial Mandarin, to do an entire presentation with some formality would be something new. Not sure how I was going to pull it off.

As the event date drew nearer, I really needed much assistance with the translation, re-working the slides, going through the text and pictures. What amazed me was that help was at hand. And the team members did so, very willingly, too. When my first presentation rehearsal was less than spectacular, my confidence took a nose dive. I fell with a loud thud. It was truly humbling.

Team mates immediately rallied around to give practical tips, went through the content and more importantly gave moral support. Even the host team of the event was there to give the much-needed encouragement.  I did not feel alone. People around me were cheerleading. I had to practise, practise and with more practise to get to that level of professionalism I wanted. I tried very hard.

On the eve of the event, a team member believed I would rise to the occasion. That was a powerful statement. On the day of the event, I had an sms from another team-mate with a positive message to gear me for a successful presentation. The positivity was what I needed to get through.

When the actual presentation was delivered, I managed, I survived. Later I came out for my refreshments, the team was there to celebrate with me. I could feel as if the whole team held their breath when was I presenting and only exhaled when the presentation ended. They were elated with the performance.  They were certainly behind me.

Upon receiving the speaker’s plaque, I felt that credit belonged to the team and decided that it would remain with the organization that nominated me to represent them. Breaking my own barriers, doing the unexpected was what I thought would be beyond me. It was made possible with genuine team mates and I owe it to them. I applaud the team and thank goodness real teams still do exist.


Re-inventing Yourself

In my line of work, I do get to meet people from all walks of life and find it rather interesting. At times I chance upon old friends and acquaintances. They would  comment that I look different. Firstly I seem to have lost weight. I did, not that I was really big or rotund before, but losing 2 kg or so (I think) brought on the difference. The loss of weight was mainly attributed to my new eating habits. I drink sufficient water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, cut down on unhealthy foodstuff like deep-fried or rich food. I also walk a lot more.

My style of dressing has also changed. Still comtemporary and sticking to casual smarts. Being in a trainer/speaker in fashion, visual merchandising, communication skills and motivation, I can get away with casual chic. I dress according to my body silhouette. Colleagues and friends have kept a look out for what I wear and the accessories that go along.  Do you encounter the dilemma of deciding on what to wear each morning? I have managed to eliminate that problem. Everyday dressing has become an adventure, really fun to start the day. Sometimes I get excited matching the pieces, pulling the look together.

Thirdly, my outlook changed. My face is framed with an updated hairstyle, and I smile a lot more. I feel more relaxed and people can sense it. Many ex-colleagues said I look happier. Guess it shows. The changes in me are more than cosmetic, it comes from the inside as well. I do the things I enjoy and that includes work. I turn my hobby into a self-paying activity. I make time to grow like reading, exploring new things, gaining new experiences, making new friends. I hang out with people who are positive and motivated. I also reach out to more people in subtle ways.

For more than two years now, this re-invention of myself has shown much results and draw people closer to me. I like the new me. My husband and kids like the new me. It’s almost as if someone pressed the “refresh” button and viola, I am who I am now, filled of energy and positivity.

Gladly I do see some people flourishing and I celebrate with them. But sadly I see more people stuck in a rut. Some people go through the motions day in and out. Some live monotonous lives. Some do live their lives but not to the fullest.   Some cannot get past the the threshold of what’s holding them back. Some are plagued by the past. Some are using up all their energy and are perpetaully tired. Some are stressed out week after week. Some gravitate to negativity and adopt a victim mentality. How do you see yourself?

Do you want to make a change? The re-inventing of yourself can only take place if you really want it and are commited to make it happend. I wanted it, I wanted newness, I wanted a better me. What do you want? What are the changes you would like to make? How commited are you to do it?

It would be great to re-invent yourself from time to time, wouldn’t it? Should you need help to transform yourself, I am more than happy to work with you and hold you accountable to your plans. Leave a comment or write to me directly at and we can be in touch. Aren’t you excited to have a new you? So when will you start?


Embracing Differences

Last week I had been away. Goodie, I thought to myself, it would be a semi-work trip. Lo and behold, how wrong I was! Not that the work was hectic or that tiring, but it was still work. There were discussions, brainstorming sessions, presentations, more discussions, speaking engagement, visiting trade centres, taking pictures, networking, and more discussions …. the list goes on. My, was I kind of worn out by the end of each day!

Did I enjoy the trip? Yes, for one, I had a good travelling partner. Secondly, there were new friends, new experiences, new sights. Looking at things from a distance and also seeing things up close brought new meaning to life.

Each trip I take abroad, I learn to embrace differences. Learn to see the goodness in other cultures. Learn to adopt positive practices. Learn to appreciate what I already have.

Would I go for another such trip? You bet I will. I shall be waiting for the next “last call” to borad the plane.

Cheerio, Della