A New Prime Minister

This has been such an interesting week and I usually do not pay too much attention to politics. However, yesterday saw a momentous and dramatic day in the Australian political history, we saw a new Prime Minister for Australia, Julia Gillard. The first female PM for us. A poll from the streets showed people with mixed feelings and mmm, how would the electorate react to her? Well, she has been the Deputy PM for some time and people are used to her presence and she handled Industrial Relations, so she does have some connections to the ground.

At this morning’s talk show, the presenter asked if people would start to comment on her as being a female, people would inevitably talk about her dressing, her hair, her lack of culinary skills, her no-kids family, etc… It seems like people would do that in particular to female candidates in the limelight. The commentator said no, people are more matured now and would judge her by the results she delivers and how she is going to lead her party and the country now that she has taken over Kevin Rudd’s position after the leadership spill in Canberra. It does seem like a tough job, with quite a few agendas on her plate.

There are two things that struck me when Julia Gillard took over as PM. Personally I do like her and have admired her strength. Firstly when we are faced with what seems like a giant task, do we shirk and run away or face the issues and bravely do our best? Secondly, are we matured enough to look beyond the surface when judging people and let the results speak for themselves? Gillard seemed to take all this in her stride and I hope that one day when a similar opportunity comes our way, we will do the same.

In the mean time, good luck Julia Gillard. We wish you the very best.


Della Ng

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