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A Beautiful Morning

Good morning.

This is a beautiful winter morning. Despite the cold and not wanting to get out of my warm bed, I had to drag myself out of it as the kids have to be in school. It is the same usual routine. But as I started the day, things start to change. My perspective of the morning gets better. Yes, even though it is 10 degrees in the house. Burr!

We draw the curtains to let in the sunlight and start to toast the bread in the oven. The heat from the oven warms up the kitchen, not to mention the smell of toast and what a wonderful start to the day! Ths kids wake up and the house is alive with its usual noise.

Ofttime we rush through the morning, getting ready for school or work and miss the beauty of a wonderful mornning. Hey, it is the start of a brand new day! Start with a positive step and that will see you through. Say “Good Morning,” to yourself and expect the day to roll out in an extraordinary way. And you know what? It will.

I am not sure what time it is by the time you read this. Yet, tomorrow is another beautiful mornning. So starting tomorrow, as you read this, imagine yourself saying, “It’s a great morning and I shall have an enjoyable day at work/school.”  And you’ll do just that, won’t you? You will have a great day with a great start.

Cheerio, Della.